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6e Roya Early Music Festival 6th edition: Summer Nights

Kulturell, Konzert, Lyrische Kunst, Klassische Musik Um Saorge
  • Thus, Summer Night opens with Bach's Goldberg Variations, borrows an intoxicating melody from Berlioz, a spring poem from Fauré, before setting foot in Argentina, with tangos.
    The bandoneon transforms itself into a harpsichord, piano or symphony orchestra to create the atmosphere of the Bach salon, romantic Paris or the cafés of Buenos Aires.
    Compositions by : Bach, Stölzer, Berlioz, Fauré, tangos
    With Camille Aubret, violin - Emmanuelle Huteau, vocals - Kristina Kuusisto, bandoneon
  • Umwelt
    • Dorfzentrum
  • Gesprochene Sprachen
  • der 9. August 2023 Um 18:00