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Horseback riding - The Marvels' Horsemen - Marc Ratagne

Begleitung, Wechselnd, Reitsport, Reitwanderung Um Tende
  • Marc is passionate about horses and mountains. His horses live, in herd, in freedom, summer and winter. They are calm, serene and balanced. They are very sure-footed to cross the mountain paths.
    For your comfort, the rides are made up of small groups of people and quality saddles.
    This walk will provide an experience of communion with nature.

    What to bring: Walking shoes, warm jacket and rain jacket
  • Umwelt
    • Im Wald
    • Bergsicht
  • Gesprochene Sprachen
  • ab 1. Mai 2023 bis zum 15. Oktober 2023
  • Einheitspreis
    80 €
  • vom 1. Mai 2023 bis zum 15. Oktober 2023
    Geöffnet Jeden Tag
    * Depending on snow conditions
  • * Nur bei günstigen Wetterbedingungen