Assumption Chapel

Historische Anlage und Denkmal, Religiöses Erbgut, Kapelle, Ville d'art et d'histoire (Geschichts- und Kulturstadt), Barock, 19. Jahrhundert, 18. Jahrhundert, 20. Jahrhundert, klassifiziert Um La Brigue
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  • Built in 1725 for the oldest penitent brotherhood of La Brigue, the "whites" of the gonfalon. Its façade is an example of late Baroque architecture of Ligurian influence, surmounted by a pediment. Its campanile, slightly sloping, is surmounted by a small dome. The decoration is completed in 1850. The niches contain the statues of the Virgin of the Assumption, of Saint Joseph and Saint Lucia, patrons of the brotherhood. The ornaments painted in trompe l'oeil "a fresco" were restored in 1965.
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    • In der Stadt
    • In Nähe einer Bushaltestelle
    • Dorfzentrum
    • Fluss unter 5 km Entf.
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